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(On and Off Exchange)

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(Must have compatible plan)

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When you travel outside the country, your health plan only provides emergency coverage and you will be required to pay out of pocket, file a claim, and wait to get reimbursed. With a very affordable GeoBlue travel medical insurance policy, you can travel with peace of mind. Review the flyer to learn about all of the benefits.

Learn about GeoBlue and the importance of purchasing Travel Medical Insurance when you’re traveling outside the United States.

Comparison of the Blue Cross Blue Shield international solutions available through GeoBlue.

Here’s just one review from a happy customer: “BEST INVESTMENT EVER MADE. Traveling overseas without medical insurance is just not smart…We’ve used GeoBlue for a number of years and have been very happy with the price and the service (we’ve had to use their coverage twice). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!”

Getting a quote is fast and easy, and you can apply online. Before your trip, be sure to download the GeoBlue App so you have everything you need right on your phone.

GeoBlue Video Overview and Testimonials

This is a short clip of a member who GeoBlue evacuated to Dubai after he contracted Malaria in the Congo.

Medicare limitations and pre-existing conditions should not stop seniors from being able to travel the globe. Hear advice from a seasoned traveler on why you should buy GeoBlue.

With the convenient mobile app, GeoBlue is in your hand and by your side no matter where you go. See how you can find and pay for care and file a claim all from your mobile device!

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