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(Must have compatible plan)

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Your plan provides up-front preventive care at no cost. In this section, you’ll learn what preventive and wellness benefits are covered. Topics include Adult, Children, and Perinatal Wellness Guidelines, Women’s Health and your contraceptive benefit, a 24/7 Nurse Line, and a great Personal Health Manager service.

Your group health plan covers certain preventive services as a benefit of membership, at no cost to the member when they use a provider in your plan’s network. There is no copay, deductible or coinsurance, even if the individual or family deductible or out-of-pocket maximum has not been met. This flyer, designed for employers, provides a great list of the different preventive services you have access to.

Preventive care is very important for adults. By making some good basic health choices, women and men can boost their own health and well-being. Learn about ways you can improve your health as well as recommended screenings and immunizations.  En Espanol

Good health is a gift anyone would wish for a child, but it doesn’t happen without your help. This document lists some of things you can do to help keep your child well and reminds you to schedule a Well Child visit with your child’s health care provider following immunization guidelines. It also includes a routine immunization schedule for children and adolescents.  En Espanol

It is never too early to start taking care of your baby. That’s why you should join the Special Beginnings program as soon as you know you are pregnant. The Special Beginnings maternity program supports you from early pregnancy until six weeks after delivery.

This flyer contains routine recommendations for a healthy pregnancy, including what to expect on your first pre-natal visit, later pre-natal visits, and after giving birth.  En Espanol

Your health plan may provide certain preventive screenings and contraceptive coverage at no cost to you when you use a pharmacy or doctor in your health plan’s network. This flyer will help you understand that benefit.

As a BCBSTX member, you get around-the-clock access to experienced Registered Nurses who understand your health care concerns, an Audio Health Library with more than 1,200 pre-recorded health topics in English and Spanish, and a Personal Health Manager that gives you the support and resources you need to manage your health online.

The 24/7 Nurseline is available at no out-of-pocket expense to you. All it takes is a simple call to the toll-free phone number listed on the back of your ID card, or you can call the universal phone number through BCBSTX at 1-866-412-8795. Note: This service is not a substitute for medical care. You should consult a health professional for diagnosis and treatment.

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