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(On and Off Exchange)

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(Must have compatible plan)

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If you have an HSA-qualified health plan, you’ll want to set up your HSA right away so that you can pay with tax-free dollars for eligible medical expenses. Lively is a leading HSA administrator with no monthly administrative fee for individual accounts, and you can learn more about their service by clicking on the links below. You can choose to set up your Health Savings Account with Lively, or you can use another administrator if you’d prefer.

This 10 minute video walks viewers through the Lively HSA experience and explains the company’s modern approach to Health Savings Account administration. It showcases the value and time savings of a 100% paperless and automated HSA.

This document provides answers to 15 Frequently Asked Questions about Health Savings Accounts.

This one-pager highlights the features of Lively’s intuitive, simple
and transparent HSA.

This guide explains the benefits of an HSA and provides an overview of the eligibility requirements and contribution rules.

If you have an HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plan, you can click here to set up your Health Savings Account with Lively.

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