Part D Enrollment

using Medicare by phone or website

Employer Email Template

If you do not wish to sell Medicare Part D, you can send this email to clients and prospects who need a prescription drug plan.

Download the email template by clicking the button below.

As an alternative, you can copy the text below, modify the language as necessary, add the attachments, and email to your clients.

Body of Email:

Dear :

Please follow these directions for one of the following:

1. Initial Enrollment in Part D

2. Open enrollment for January 1 (during the time period of 10/15 to 12/7)

To enroll for your Medicare Part D, you will have to go to the Medicare site during your Initial enrollment period in Part D or during the open enrollment period and you are given the option to apply online. Open enrollment occurs every year beginning 10/15 and ending 12/7 with changes taking effect January 1 of the following year.

The choices you have for enrollment are to call the toll free number at 1.800.Medicare to speak with someone about Part D or click on the link below to review options that best match your needs each year based on your current prescriptions:

This site will require you to log in by creating a username and password. The site allows visitors to calculate their annual premium, estimate prescription costs (deductible if applicable/copays/coverage gap, if applicable to you) based on the various carriers’ premiums, copays and formularies, and select the lowest cost plans, those that have contracted pharmacies close to them, etc.

You will be able to do a personalized search, enter your current prescriptions, and save the list so you can update at the next open enrollment (be sure to save your login information).

If you have any questions you should call 1.800.MEDICARE and tell them you have questions about Part D.

Thank you so much for doing business with us.

Documents to Include:

Open and save these documents, then attach them to the email.