BCBSTX Renewal 2018

Employer Email Template

Send this email to your employer clients that do not have a Blue Balance Funded plan option in their renewal packet.

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Body of Email:

Dear :

It’s that time of year again! Attached is your BCBSTX renewal for , 2018. BCBSTX has changed ALL of their ACA Small Group plans for 2018. Most other carriers have done the same thing. BCBSTX will auto-renew you with a plan(s) that are similar to your current plan(s). They will use the plan(s) they believe is the closest match to your current deductible and calendar year maximum out of pocket, type of plan (copay or Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible), and network. Although BCBSTX has mapped you to specific plan(s), you can elect to renew with any of the other plans that BCBSTX is offering in 2018.The lowest premium plan with copays that allows you to use the BlueChoice PPO network is S667CHC. The lowest premium plan that is Health Savings Account compatible (HSA) and uses the BlueChoice PPO is the B660CHC. The B660CHC allows you to pay for medical, dental and vision expenses pre-tax, if your employees use a Health Savings Account.

The HSA compatible plans continue to have the lowest PPO (Blue Choice PPO) rates, and can be offered with a copay plan. You will find that HMO (Blue Advantage HMO) plans have the lowest overall rates. We can also mix network offerings.

BCBSTX modified the following items:


- Changed pharmacy copays on ACA plans to six-tiers. Generic, brand, and specialty drugs will each have a preferred and non-preferred tier.

- Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Albertson’s and their related chains, HEB and Access Health (a group of Independent Pharmacies) remain the Preferred/Value Pharmacies with lower copayments. Many other pharmacies are in-network, but the copay and/or out-of-pocket will be more expensive.

- CVS and CVS in Target remain OUT OF NETWORK. Pharmacy claims from an out-of-network pharmacy apply to out-of-network deductible. Avoid going to an out-of-network pharmacy.

New Child Tier Ratings on ACA

- Under 15 rating instead of under 21

- Age rating for each year 15 through 20

- Premium will continue to be capped for 3 children in a family where all children are under 21.

ACA Adjustments to In-Network Maximum Deductibles and/or Out of Pocket Calendar Year Maximums for 2018

- ACA maximum in-network deductibles - $7,350/individual and $14,700 family

- ACA calendar year in-network maximum - $7,350/individual and $14,700 family

HSA In-Network Minimum Deductible and Annual Maximum Calendar Year Out of Pocket set by IRS for 2018

- Minimum Deductible per individual is $2,700 and for a family it is $5,400

- Maximum Out of Pocket for an HSA plan - $6,650/individual and $13,300/family

I will review your options and will email and call to discuss my recommendations. Any plan changes with BCBSTX must be submitted 30 days prior to renewal date to insure plan updates are made so employees can be updated to correct plan(s), ID cards can be sent out timely, and hopefully the first renewal invoice will be correct. Please carefully review this first renewal invoice and advise us immediately of any errors or questions.

Thanks for your time during this renewal process. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Have a great day!

Documents to Include:

INSTRUCTIONS: Copy and paste the above text into an email. Attach the group's BCBSTX renewal document before sending.