BCBSTX Medicare Supplement Approved

Employer Email Template

Send this email to clients when their BCBSTX Medigap application is approved.

Download the email template by clicking the button below.

As an alternative, you can copy the text below, modify the language as necessary, add the attachments, and email to your clients.

Body of Email:

Dear :

Your application for the Plan F supplement with BCBSTX has been approved for a effective date. Your monthly premium is $. Your ID is and your group number is . Your ID and invoice will be included in the full policy kit that is being mailed to you. It is bound together and you will find the invoice and paper ID card about 3-4 pages inside and you will need to remove. The kit should arrive in about 7-10 days. Be sure to make this first payment ASAP (unless you chose automatic bank draft- this will occur about 2-3 days before the effective date). Although your coverage has been approved, BCBSTX will not pay any claim until the initial payment is received (important if you are paying from the invoice instead of bank draft).

You also can setup your Blue Access for Members, which allows you to review claims that have processed, print a temporary ID card, etc.. This is a valuable tool that we recommend you setup. You do this by going to www.BCBSTX.com and click on “ALREADY A MEMBER?”. On the next screen click on “Register Now”. Use the ID and group number I provided above along with your Zip Code and email address to complete the registration process.

Thanks for being our client! If you have not already downloaded our app to your smart devices, be sure to do so now. See the link/QR code below. Open this email on your smart device and then click on the link and save our app to your home page. This will allow you to contact us easily at any time and have quick access to Blue Access for Members and our web site along with other information.

Documents to Include:

Open and save these documents, then attach them to the email.