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(On and Off Exchange)

Check HMO providers | Rx

(On and Off Exchange)

(Must have compatible plan)

(Must have compatible plan)

for Marketplace plans

through UnitedHealth One

through BCBSTX

through GeoBlue

Everyone is looking to save cost when going to the pharmacy. The question is “When do I use my BCBSTX insurance card and when do I not use my card?”  In most cases you should use your insurance card and still get the lowest cost.

With most pharmacies, exception is Walgreens, CVS, Kmart and HEB, the pharmacy contracts with BCBSTX is to get the lowest price, whether it is the pharmacy discount or the BCBSTX price/copay. They should run it with your BCBSTX card. If to be applied to a deductible (annual or HSA compatible plan), then it will be applied to your deductible, since it was run with your card.

If you fill your prescription at Walgreens, CVS, Kmart or HEB you may get a lower price by joining their discount program. If you elect their discount program, you would need to file your pharmacy claim with BCBS only if you need it to be applied to your HSA compatible plan deductible or your annual pharmacy deductible. If you are on a copay plan, there would be no need to file. Questions or concerns can be direct to our agency.

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