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Domestic violence and childhood obesity are the latest topics to be added to Be Smart. Be Well. Works, a new website offering online health and wellness resources for your clients. Why should employers be concerned with domestic violence and childhood obesity? Because both have a real and quantifiable effect on workplace safety, performance, absenteeism and the bottom line.

Domestic Violence
Many victims of domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, are harassed and stalked while at work. Domestic violence is a leading cause of workplace homicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Each year domestic violence costs employers millions in lost productivity. According to the CDC, victims of domestic violence miss nearly eight million days of paid work a year. That’s roughly the equivalent of 32,000 full-time jobs.

Childhood Obesity
Today, one out of every three kids is obese or at risk of becoming obese. Excess weight in childhood is associated with $14.1 billion in additional prescription drug, emergency room and outpatient visit costs annually. Overweight kids also face serious health risks now and down the road. If something doesn’t change, tomorrow’s workforce will end up costing employers billions in health expenses and lost productivity. Waiting to deal with this problem will only make it worse.

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