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Employers who sponsored and employees/individuals who enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas health plan between 2008 and 2020 may have recently received (or should soon be receiving) a communication by mail or by email about a possible settlement in a class-action lawsuit. Below is some information from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association about the notice:

The recent class action settlement has reached the “Class Notice” stage of the approval process. This means that members of the Damages Class, which includes individuals, groups and their employees are receiving notification by email and mail about the settlement – including that they may be eligible for a payment as a result of the settlement. All aspects of the publicity campaign and class settlement are being managed by the Plaintiff’s counsel and their claims and notice administrator – JND Legal administration.  

While we cannot provide any insight about how much each individual, employee, and employer might receive since there are millions of members nationwide, we can tell you that the communication about the settlement is legitimate (it’s not a scam), and that you should review the information carefully when you receive it. Also, the online form that you need to complete to opt into the settlement is not difficult.

If you don’t know your group and/or ID number, you can contact customer service by calling the number on the back of your ID card.  If unsure, call 1.800.521.2227 for group customer service or 1.888.697.0683 for individual.  This settlement does NOT apply to Medicare.


EMPLOYERS: Please be sure to share this information with your employees. Also, be aware that prior members are also receiving the settlement letter, so you may receive phone calls from former employees to get their group and member ID numbers. If you do not have the information, you should direct them to customer service.

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