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Changing from Marketplace Coverage to Medicare

The below information is taken from the website.  Print this Page. If you have a Marketplace plan, you can keep it until your Medicare coverage starts. Then you can end your Marketplace plan without penalty. If you like, you… message about traveling outside the United States

Medicare sent the following email to Medicare beneficiaries to let them know that they have only very limited coverage for medical care when traveling outside the United States. This confirms the need for a travel health insurance policy. Planning to…

New Medicare IDs do not use letters that look like numbers

Medicare is sending out new Medicare cards with new ID numbers in an effort to reduce the chance of identity theft (the old numbers were based on the Social Security number of the beneficiary or the beneficiary's spouse). We were…

Good News and Great News about the BCBSTX provider networks

We’re excited to pass along two big announcements from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) concerning the provider networks on its HMO and PPO plans. You may receive communication directly from BCBSTX as well. Agreement Reached with Texas Health…

Medicare Effective Dates for Late Enrollees

We recently received a call from a gentleman who did not sign up for Medicare three years ago when he was first eligible. He finally decided to enroll, so he went to his local Social Security office the first week…

1095 Update from BSW

We want to inform you the 2017 1095 forms were mailed to members on January 25.  The same form is also available on the member portal.  Your members can log into the member portal at  and can access via…

JME Broker Webinar 02.08.2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the JME Industry Update webinar February 8, 2018. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording below. You can also download a copy of the slides, which contain several hyperlinks to articles…

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