GeoBlue Insurance coverage when you travel

(Voyager Choice)

Employer Email Template

Send this to your group and individual clients to let them know about a great travel insurance program for them and their families. 

Download the email template by clicking the button below.

As an alternative, you can copy the text below, modify the language as necessary, add the attachments, and email to your clients.

Body of Email:

Dear :

This short-term travel product has excellent medical coverage when you travel outside the United States and the price point is excellent. The coverage includes medical claims associated with terrorism, medical evacuation, etc. Attached is a brochure about the short term travel plan. You would apply for it before you leave (needs to be at least 24 hours prior to leaving) on our website [enter your link or advise your client where to go on your website]. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to apply.

GeoBlue will send you emails back confirming coverage and how to setup your account so you can download an app to your devices. The app provides many tools to assist you with medical care when traveling.

Call us if you have any questions. Thanks.

Documents to Include:

Open and save this document, then attach it to the email.