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Next to health insurance, dental insurance is probably the most popular employee benefit, and for that reason it’s something every employee should at least consider.

While many employees are healthy and may rarely use their health coverage, almost all employees—along with their family members—take advantage of the dental benefit. At about a tenth of the price of health insurance, group dental coverage is a great way for a company to spend its benefits dollars.

There are a number of great dental insurance companies to choose from, and the plan designs range from preventive only to comprehensive DHMO (dental health maintenance organizations) with contracted provider networks to passive PPOs and indemnity plans. The covered benefits, waiting periods, and annual maximums also differ from plan to plan, which can make it confusing for a company to compare all its options.

JME Insurance Agency can help simplify this process. Our licensed agents will explain how dental insurance works, shop the market and present you with a number of options, and help you select a plan that’s right for your employees.


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