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Now You Can Secure Dental Benefits At No Cost For Yourself,
Family, Co-Workers, and Friends!
Now The Self-Employed And Those With Employers Who Don’t
Provide Dental Insurance Can Finally Afford To Have Dental
Benefits For Themselves And Their Families Without Paying Any
Monthly Premiums!
Thank you for your interest in our Preferred Patient Program, designed for sole proprietors and individuals working for small businesses in the Dallas area that don’t provide their employees a means to secure high quality dental services without having to pay annual/monthly premiums to insurers or third party discount program providers. Our sincere hope is that after reviewing the information that follows you will wish both to personally participate and to immediately offer our program to your co-workers and their extended families.
We are a private general dentistry practice located at Greenville and Walnut Hill, across from the Presbyterian Hospital complex on the 8th floor of the Bank of America building. We have been at this location for more than ten years, and our two female doctors – Melisa Christian D.D.S. and Mary Swift D.D.S. – have over 30 years experience in the dental field. We are also members of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce.
In response to the fact that over half the individuals in America are without dental insurance (and even those with insurance find that 50% co-pays and $1000-1500 annual maximums leaves a lot to be paid out of pocket — plus cosmetic dentistry is not covered at all), we developed a reduced fee plan that we are offering to persons such as yourself. There is no initial cost to you to sign up, and no monthly or annual premium to participate whether you use it or not…just savings versus our regular fees when you use our services. Even elective cosmetic procedures are covered by this program – which even the best insurance programs exclude. The only catch is that the program is valid only at our office – but as we hope you’ll personally see, coming to our office is more like visiting a spa than going to the dentist. Each operatory provides a view of north Dallas from eight stories up. Massage pads soothe patients during treatment, while the soothing sounds of eclectic music and our water sculpture are complemented
by aromatherapy. Digital radiographs and intraoral cameras allow the patient to see what the doctor sees and better understand any treatment plans. Patient education videos explain each procedure recommended and make each patient better informed and a participant in their treatment. Personal warm scented cloth towels make clean-up after treatment easy, and “thank you” treats from Stephanie’s Premium Bakery at check-out cap their experience. Our patients have said that this is the only dental office they’ve experienced where their stress levels decrease the day of their appointment!
One of my personal pet peeves as a patient of any medical practitioner is arriving at my appointment on time, and then having to wait an hour or more in the waiting area – I feel it’s very disrespectful of my time. Yet it’s so common an occurrence that it is almost expected. We understand the value of each patient’s time…if we don’t seat a patient within a reasonably brief time of their scheduled appointment we give them a $50 credit for the delay.
Preferred Patient Program Summary
About us…
�� We are a general dentistry practice located at Walnut Hill & Greenville Avenue for over 10 years
�� Our two female doctors have over 30 years of dental experience
�� We are one of a handful of dental offices in North Texas utilizing laser technology for both diagnosis and
What we offer Preferred Patients…
�� High quality treatment with discounted fees
�� No monthly cost to participate
�� Fee reductions to yourself, family members, friends, and co-workers on all dental services, including cosmetic work
�� 30% off diagnosis and preventive care, such as x-rays and cleaning
�� 10% off specialty items, such as Invisalign® orthodontics, Da Vinci™ veneers, and BOTOX® therapy
�� 20% off everything else, including cosmetic procedures such as laser whitening
�� No waiting periods
�� Fee reductions apply to pre-existing conditions
�� No annual maximums
�� Plan benefits are available each visit
How it works…
�� Make copies of this Preferred Patient Program sheet and offer it to friends, family, and co-workers
�� Mary Swift D.D.S., P.A., dba Dallas Laser Dentistry, agrees to offer reduced fees to yourself, friends, coworkers,
and family members
�� Benefits are automatically renewed annually
�� At the bottom of this email is a PPP welcome packet including a participation card that can be duplicated for
family, friends, and co-workers
�� When calling for appointment, employee identifies himself as PPP member
�� At each phase of treatment, employee is responsible for payment of all charges incurred
�� 3rd party financing available for qualified persons
�� Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
We promise to provide a caring environment where premium quality dental services that enhance the image, health and esteem of each patient are consistently delivered by knowledgeable, courteous, professionals who commit to exceeding each patient’s expectations.
Mary Swift D.D.S., Melisa Christian D.D.S., & Staff
Welcome Letter…
Welcome to our Practice Family!
You have chosen to participate in a unique dental benefits plan that permits you to experience the highest level of
quality care at a reduced price. In the process, you’ll experience state of the art dentistry in a very friendly nvironment. There are no enrollment fees or monthly premiums – just reduced fees when you need our services.
While moving, getting married or divorced, and changing jobs are supposed to be the three highest stress events you can experience, visiting the dentist is normally a close fourth. Surprisingly, a trip to our dental office can actually help reduce your stress level.
Large windows run the length of the treatment area and offer a serene, relaxing view from eight stories up. While you are lying in our dental chairs equipped with back massage pads you can gaze out at blue skies, listen to music or the gentle sounds of water falling in our fountain pool, and relax while getting a massage. That’s not typical, but we’re not your typical dentists—nor do we have a typical dental office. Allow me to introduce us. We are Dr. Mary Swift and Dr. Melisa Christian. We’d like to invite you to drop by the office, meet the staff, and check out the view. When you do stop in, we’ll have a free gift waiting for you as a “thank you” for taking the time to visit.
The office is located at 7515 Greenville Avenue at the northwest corner of Greenville and Walnut Hill. We’re on the 8th floor of the Bank of America building in Suite 810. Parking is conveniently located on the north side of the building.
Dr. Christian and Dr. Swift are graduates of the Baylor College of Dentistry with over thirty years in the dental
profession. We are members of the American Academy of General Dentistry, the Academy of Laser Dentistry,
the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Dr. Swift serves on the Board of Directors of the Dallas County Dental
Society. We provide a full range of general dentistry services, and specialize in enhancing patients’ smiles and self
image with cosmetic and restorative dentistry, while ensuring patients learn and practice the basics of good oral
hygiene and regular dental care.
We combine state of the art equipment, including the newest laser technology, with staff members who are caring, competent, friendly, and are consistently praised by our patients. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
If you haven’t been to the dentist recently or suspect you need work done, we’d encourage you to take advantage
of your new dental benefits and give Sharee or Merrit a call at (214) 739-8888 to schedule an appointment. We’ll
take digital radiographs (using 80% less radiation than standard X-rays), conduct a comprehensive evaluation,
including an oral cancer exam, and then provide you with a treatment plan to bring your oral health to where it needs to be. It could be as simple as beginning a regimen of routine cleaning, or diagnosing the need for more major work. You’ll find us conservative in recommending treatment – we don’t push patients to do anything that is elective.
The other attachment outlines your dental benefits coverage with our office. To encourage you to come in for an
exam right away, we have also included a special short-term incentive redeemable within 30 days – to take
advantage of this extra savings opportunity just call Sharee today to schedule an appointment. We look forward
to serving you for years to come! Also, feel free to share this program with co-workers and friends – anyone you
think would appreciate a top-quality dental experience at a reduced price.
Mary Swift D.D.S.
Melisa Christian D.D.S.
Dallas Laser Dentistry
Preferred Patient Program
Dental Benefits Summary
Category of Procedure Example Discount*
Diagnosis Exams/X-rays/Evaluations 30%
Preventative Cleaning/Fluoride/Sealants 30%
Periodontics Scaling/Root Planing/Perio Maintenance 20%
Endodontics Root Canal 20%
Oral Surgery Laser Gum Therapy/Extractions 20%
Cosmetic LaserSmile™ Laser Whitening 20%
Restorative Implant Restoration/Crowns/Bridges/Fillings 20%
Prosthodontics Dentures 20%
Specialty Procedures da Vinci Veneers™/ Invisalign®/BOTOX® 10%
All Other 20%
• No Deductibles
• No Benefit Maximums
• No pre-existing conditions exclusions
• No waiting periods
• No claims to file
• No limits on cleanings
• No monthly charge
*Reduction from standard fee schedule. Discounts require full payment at time of service unless 3rd party
financing has been arranged in advance. All major credit cards accepted.
Identification Card
Please bring a copy of the ID card below to your first appointment. Feel free to make additional copies for other family members.
Patient Name __________________________
Employer ______________________________
Benefits: Diagnosis/Prevention – 30% off normal fee
Da Vinci™/Invisalign®/BOTOX® – 10% off normal fee
All Other – 20% off normal fee
Dallas Laser Dentistry
7515 Greenville Ave., Suite 810, Dallas, TX 75231
(214) 739-8888
Special Incentive
Visit us in the first 30 days for comprehensive
exam and X-rays and save an extra $50.00 on
initial X-Rays
Discount valid until March 31, 2010
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